Sunday, 9 September 2012

Weekly Roundup

So, here we are again. Wow didnt that week go fast! Its been a frantic week at work, but also been a jam packed weekend. The weather has been gorgeous for the last two days, so the washing machine hasnt stopped. I cant believe how much washing we create between the two of us. I dont mind the washing of it, but I loathe ironing.
Anyhoo, this late Summer weather means that the garden is looking a bit better than it has for most of the previous months.
The calendula has finally burst into bloom..

And the borage (which self seeded a couple of years ago and is almost finished flowering) is looking rather nice from the back bedroom window. The bees are loving it!

Ive also managed to get my bulbs planted, so, hopefully they wont rot away or be eaten by mice during the winter.

On Saturday we went to a local booksale which a lady runs from her garage once a month. She does it to raise funds for the Alzheimers Society in Sheffield. As you may know my Father in Law suffered with this dreaded disease in the later part of his life, and , as both OH and I are avid readers we thought we'd pop along and have a look. I took along a couple of carrier bags full or books I no longer wanted to donate and came back with this little lot....                                                                                                                 

Oonce they have been read, I can take them back to a later booksale. They are only costing me 50p each to read, and its raising money to a good cause, so its cheap reading in my book (so to speak).

This morning we went off to a Car Boot sale. The one we wanted to go to wasnt there, so we raced off to another in the hope that it was still open. The sun was blazing  and they were starting to pack up when we got there, so we were a bit rushed, but we zipped around quickly glancing at each stand and managed to pick up more than a few bits and pieces for 'punking'. We are building up quite a stash for the Seampunk Etsy shop, tho I will feel a bit happier when we are up and running and starting to sell a few bits! Here is a pic of our haul.......

Then we called in to a Garden Centre (something I dont often do when OH is with me) for a coffee and a bit of recovery time. 

Last, and by no means least, today its 9 years since I became an orphan. My Dad died of cancer in 2003.
We went back to NZ to say goodbye in June (13 years after I had left) and for him to meet OH.
We didnt have the best of relationships, he was an old school Dutch Catholic who didnt show much emotion, but he was my Dad. I miss him.
This is the pic of him when he was did his National Service in Holland (the pic beside is of my Mum in Tahiti on her way out to NZ in the 50's).

Thats all from me for the mo, Ive got some letters and stuff to get written,soup to make, and a roast to cook, and I think Im coming down with a throat infection so Im in for an early night.

Will post again soon.


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