Sunday, 1 April 2012

Gardening Sunday

Thought it was about high time I got cracking with sowing some seeds, and as its a beautiful day I couldnt think of any reason why I shouldnt bite the bullet. The first 30 mins was spend making pots out of newsaper with my 'paper potter' which was a present from a Sister in law for my birthday last Novermber. This was only the second time I have used it and I highly recommend them.

   The idea is you make sow your seeds in them and plant the whole thing out, the paper rots disintergrate and these is no root disturbance to the seeding. I think its fab.I hope the seedinglings enjoy the sports pages! That done, I got everything else gathered together and was ready to get going.

I planted some peas straight into conatiners as I love the tips of the plants in my salads, and in the paper pots went radishes, 2 types of lettuce, sunflowers, calendula and marigolds. They are now sitting quite happily in the cold frame.
A quick weed round both front and back gardens, then it was time for a well earned coffee and  to take a couple of pics to show how things are progressing.
The sweetpeas I planted out last weekend are looking good (tho the wigwam has seen better days).
Loving the way the sunshines through this beautiful red tulip. The hyacinths have been out for a couple of weeks, the still look good and smell wonderful.
Its time like this I wish I had lots more room so I could get some serious veg growing done.
One day Id like to dig up the lawn and terrace it, but weve got lotsto do on the house first. Still, I might not have much space, but I manage to pack quite a bit in.