Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Handbag Post

Thanks to the lovely comments and encouragement on my last post, Ive decided to bit the bullet and try and post once or twice a week.
I saw this idea recently on a blog I follow and thought this was a great idea.
So, as per the previous post my current handbag is this one.....

This is the bag I use on a daily basis for work, and heres what it contains........

This list is as follows...........
Mints (grumpy old git tin originally bought for OH hee hee)
Sunglasses and case
Funky Pen (Xmas gift from Sister in Law) and notebook
Water spray 
Lip gloss
Small leatherman multi tool (includes scissors, 2 types of screwdriver, tweezers etc)
Screwdriver (double headed)
Tea Tree Oil
Cold sore cream
Nail Glue
Makeup bag
Cute complact mirror (Xmas gift from OH)
Bach Rescue  Remedy
Mobile (my lovely Red blackberry I call my Raspberry) and case (Xmas pressie from my lovely Big Sis in NZ - the case that is not the phone)
Work clock card and drinks machine key
Car keys (with a yellow clear pig)
House Keys (with the yellow duck/torch and Xmas gift from my 8yr old neice - it quacks when the torch is on and frightens the life out of me if it goes off by mistake!)
Perfume (currently Treselle from Avon)
Glass nail file

OH thought it would be a giggle to add in the other items - tin of Mushroom soup, his toy gun and (I must stress this as I cant stand the stuff) HIS bottle of Gin. ;o)

The ironic thing about this is that I hate carrying a handbag, and when we go out in the evening or at the weekend if I have to I will carry my purse, phone and keys in a small backpack and thats my lot!

What do you carry in your bag?

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