Sunday, 2 September 2012

Little Update

Ive been a wee bit despondent about this blog over the last couple of weeks. From the stats that I can see it doesnt look like anyone is reading it, so its getting me a bit down. Im not sure posting more regularly would make a difference, or if I should just pack it in. Part of me thinks I should give it a bit more of a chance, but its hard not to feel a bit uneasy when Im putting myself out there and not getting any response.
Anyhoo, enough with the bleating on, I guess time will tell. So, Im just gonna have a bit of a ramble about whats been new over the last couple of weeks.
So, since I updated things have been quiet (as per usual). The weather has turned over the last week, and the nights are drawing in, so its time to be thinking about (gulp) Xmas. Ive got a few ideas for ladies pressies and am trying to put stuff together to see if they are workable (but wont post here in case anyone does actually read this and might spoil the surprise). .
OH is still getting a bit of regular work with his brother - they are busy replacing the windows in a house at the moment, so two wages are a real bonus and are really making a difference. Im still doing the overtime when its needed. Im still 'twittering' tho not as much during the week, but am getting into Pinterest in a big way.
We went to a Vintage Fair last weekend (which was a first for us) and I found a nice waterset.

Ive wanted one for ages. Because of the throat problem I have, any toothpaste with mint flavouring in it dries out my throat (try finding a toothpaste that doesnt have mint in it -its not easy), so I have to have some water by my bed at night. This is just the ticket, the only drawback is trying to pour it out in the dark, hmm, might need to  think about some kind of nightlight methinks.

 Ive also finally got round to changing my handbag - my old one (which I guess will always be my favourite) is now almost 3 yrs old and starting to look a bit tired........

Old faithful - with a gorgeous bright pink lining inside   

So, my new one is black with antique copper coloured eyelets, and a very funky leopard print lining.
Although Im sure my old faithful purple will still get the odd outing. :o)

Oh, Ive also finally gotten round to making a start on organising my crafting stuff. At the moment its all over the house, and when I need something I usually have to look in 2 or 3 rooms before I can find it. It doesnt help that I have nowhere to work apart from the kitchen table and I loathe having to clear away everything each day. So, I have been saving some  boxes from work . OH finds these ones really useful for his camera parts etc, as they have a double thickness on the bottom which means they can take some weight. My main storage area (not including the 5 of these boxes I have full of fabric) now looks like this........

Im quite proud of how organised it is, now I just have to do the same with the rest of my stuff.

Well, thats really about it for now, the garden is pretty much done for the season now, tho I have got some bulbs to put in for Spring (Yellow Alliums, Rockery Tulips, Muscari and Dwarf Narcissi), which Im hoping to get in next weekend. Ive still got some flowers showing, but its been a real letdown this year, the weather has not been very kind to us.
So, thats all for now. If you do read this, Id love a comment on here or on facebook just to let me know youve been by.

Bye For Now.





  1. Hello, if you enjoy writing you blog then do it for yourself and don't worry about stats too much. It is nice when you get visitors though so try and blog a bit more often and tweet your posts a couple of times. I had hardly any visitors to my blog before I started using Twitter a few months.
    Have you tried doing a craft swap? I did the one with Popular Crafts and when I blogged about they retweeted me.
    Hope this helps,
    PS love your owls!

  2. Hi there, I know exactly how you feel about the blog stats. When I get downhearted enough about it I remind myself that I started at my Dad's request so that he could see more of the projects and bits and bobs that I'm up to. I imagine I'm writing for my parents and it cheers me up a bit :-)
    Google Analytics tells me I get quite a few referrals from Flickr when I've remembered to put a link to my blog on a picture - maybe that's worth a go too?
    Love your water set - why do I never hit vintage gold like that?!

  3. Thank You ladies for the lovely comments, I needed to hear them. Feeling a bit more positive today. :o)

  4. Fab water set, what a lovely find!

    I agree with the two commenters above about blogging. I blogged for a couple of years before getting regular readers (though I did have a long break from it during that time).

    I think the things that make the most difference are (a) blogging regularly and (b) reading/commenting on other people's blogs/making blog friends!

    I will probably lose many readers now as I'm not able to blog much at the moment, but the most important thing for me is what Michaela says: it's all about doing it for yourself and enjoying it!