Sunday, 29 December 2013

Is there Anybody There??????

Well, I havent been inspired to blog for a while, I just feel like my lifes not the most exciting, and I havent really got a central theme like most blogs have. So I guess this is more like an open letter to my friends and rellies overseas ( I know at least one person reads it!). If I pick up a follower or two along the way, then cool, but Im not gonna get lots of traffic and Im OK with that.
So, whats been happening since we were last here.......
well, the remainder of the money we had inherited went on two things,  replacing our car (which we were gonna have to do before June anyway as it wouldnt have gone through another MOT without a huge amount of work and £££ being spent on it), so we now have a lovely tidy Ford Focus.....

 hopefully we wont have to replace her for a good few years as she is in great condition and very lovely to drive.
The other thing was the replacing of the kitchen roof. The original roof was a bit knackered and leaked quite badly, so OH and his builder brother did it over a weekend at the end of November.
Old roof taken off

OH's brother demolishing the chimney

The old joists coming out - note the only bit of insulation we had in the roof void!

New joists going on

OH starting the tiling

All done - isnt it pretty (well I think it is)
 Now that the roof is done, we are planning on taking the ceiling down and opening up the kitchen to make it look much bigger that it is (and OHcan finish my kitchen). Hopefully, this will add to the value of the house.

So, after a few years with things standing still on the house, we have managed to get a few things done this year, we've still got a long way to go, but we are managing to get the major stuff tackled.

Workwise, Im still temping at The Royal Hallamshire Hospital and still enjoying it. Not sure how much longer my contract will run for as there are departmental changes happening, but am keeping my ear to the ground and fingers crossed that I wont be out of work one way or the other.

We've had a nice Xmas with OH's family next dor and will do the same on New Years Eve, Ive only have the stautory days off, but I dont mind.

Ive started thinking about 2014 and what I want to acheive. I dont make resolutions as I think they dont work for me, so I make a list of goals to aim for instead.  Ive also joined in a couple of online challenges as well just to make life interesting.

- Im aiming to loose (at least) 2 more stone in 2014

- Im aiming to declutter 500 items from our house (not including normal household waste) - I keep loooking at things and asking myself would I take this to New Zeland with me when we move - its amazing the stuff I am happy to let go of !

- Ive joined the  - Sealed Pot Challenge ! Every £2 coin I get, all the change in my purse at the end of the week, and any extra coins (found or given) are going into a sealed pot for 12 months. Then at then end of the 12 months its opened and counted, and (hopefully) there is a decent amount in it!
From what Ive read, people have managed to save hundreds this way. Im hoping it will pay a big chunk off a credit card, or maybe even pay for Xmas 2014, or (if Im really lucky and we have a good year) maybe go towards OH's NZ visa! Oh, its very exciting.

Ive got several other goals/aims as well (blogging more often being one), but Im not gonna bore you with those. Im hoping to get a lot more sewing and cafting done this year and (hopefully) the results will be worth sharing.

Well, thats my lot for now, Im off to put some stuff on eBay and to sort through some more stuff to go to the Charity shop.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year and looking forward to sharing lots with you in the year to come.

I'd really love it if you left me a comment to let me know what your goals are for 2014.