Wednesday, 19 September 2012

3 Things Which Make My Life Easier

This was going to be 3 Things I cant Live Without but I can live without these things, I just dont really want to as they make things much easier for me.

So here they are in ascending order.................................

3) My Car.     
 Realistically its our car, but as O.H doesnt drive I tend to call it mine. Currently weve got a white Rover (similar to the one above). Its a bit old and untidy looking, but we buy our cars outright and dont pay a lot for them - the most we have paid has been £500. We tend to run them into the gound (which usually takes a few years) Having a brother in law who runs his own garage helps!.
Without a car the slog to work would take 4 times as long and running errands for the Mother in Law (as well as ourselves) would be a logistical nightmare.
However, weve coped without a car before, so I can live without one.

2) My computer. 
 We are a two PC family. Mine is used mainly for surfing the interweb, while O.H's machine has got the better graphics card so we tend to use this for gaming. My machine has recently been replaced with a 'new' one from a Computer Fair (the first one O.H hasnt built himself). My computer has helped me make lots of new friends through the interweb, keep in touch with my NZ family and allowed me to find lots and lots and lots of cool stuff (as well as sell stuff on eBay and find craft patterns etc). I love my PC and feel lost without it, however, again, I could live without it if I had to.

And finally............................................

1) My Husband

Our Wedding Day in 1992
 Weve been married for 20 years now. Scary. We met in London in 1990. His first marraige had broken up, so he was drowing his sorrows in a pub just  off Oxford St and I went to work there as a Barmaid 3 months after arriving in the UK. We married in London on what would have been my Mothers 57th Birthday (we had 10 days to arrange it all as I was supposed to be getting on a plane back to NZ), and after 18 months moved back to his hometown of Sheffield. Then we rented (and later bought) the house next door to where he grew up (and where his Mother still lives) and have been here ever since, (tho Im now working on getting him to move to NZ).
Weve had our share of ups and downs (the same as most marraiges), and have had more skint years than flush ones, but Boy do we have a laugh! If laughs were £££'s we would be VERY rich!  There arent many days go by without us having a giggle at something.
I could live without him, but really wouldnt want to, as he is my Bestest Friend and Partner in Crime (not literally).

So, there you have it, stuff which makes my life a bit more bearable.

Id love to hear what your's are - why dont you leave me a comment?



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  1. In my list it would be all going to my family. I'm nothing without them and I totally love them to have them around me. The other things are just a necessity but family is something else.