Thursday, 13 September 2012

Things I WONT be making for Xmas this year

Ive been playing round with a few ideas for Xmas pressies for the ladies of the family. Between OH and myself we have lots of people to buy for and as we are almost always skint I usually end up making stuff.
Here are a couple of ideas that wont be making an appearance this year as once I made them up my Big Sisters saying 'Oh how lovely' came to mind (with me using my sarcastic voice).

I saw these lovely brooches and bag charms on a friends shop over on

So I thought Id have a go.
My efforts didnt turn out so well.

Then another friend posted a link to a tutorial for some really lovely little storage bags.......
The tutorial made them look quite straightforward.........tutorial-fabric-basket.html
so I thought Id have a go.
Mine turned out not as well as expected.
So, it looks like its back to the drawing board. I can almost hear my sister and sisters in law breathing a sigh of relief! Might end up just having to make lots and lots of Chocolate Vodka instead. :o)

Anyho, will leave you with a wee pic of how last years efforts ended up. Each bag had a handmade doorstop,  shopping bag, and pincushion either in the shape of a heart or mouse. The bags are amde from hessian and the gift tags are felt leaves and red buttons for the berries

Thank You and Good Night.


  1. Wow your gifts last year are so perfect, thoughtful and pretty - amazing! I think your fabric basket is just great! You are clearly a perfectionist ;)

  2. p.s. just to come back to the whole blog reader question, I wondered whether you'd considered joining sites like Hellocotton and/or Better Blogger Network?

  3. Thanks for your comments Suki, I shall have to check them out. :o)