Sunday, 12 May 2013

Er, wheres our nice weather gone?

I cant believe how much the weather has changed over a week! Last weekend I got three loads of washing dry outside, this weekend I havent been able to hang any out. Is that it for our Spring/Summer then? I shant be very happy if it is! Having said that  the local streets are full of cherry blossom and that never fails to brighten my  day a little.......

Its been pretty much business as usual this week. We had a Public Holiday here in the UK on Monday, but when I found out how much I could earn if I worked it (and that fact that the MOT is due this month which is gonna be expensive) it was a bit of a no brainer really. Im doing the one at the end of the month as well. Still needs must and all that. I spent 2 days helping out in another department this week, so it broke things up a bit and adds to my skill set within the office. With rumours floating about all the time of permanent jobs within our little part of the NHS, being versatile can only be a good thing.
The financial strain is easing a little, now Ive got my pay rise and we have almost halved the amount weve been spending on gas and electricity (thanks to the new boiler) we can spend a little more on groceries (phew!) tho on the whole we are still living way below any kind of comfort zone. But what can ya do!
Craftwise, Ive made some more owls for ladies @ work this week (and have orders for a few more)........

Ive been playing round with making paper baskets (courtesy of Pinterest ) ......

and have been toying with possible patterns for my next quilt or cushions for Xmas pressies.......

In the garden, most of my tulips are now out, some are looking a bit worse for wear. Ive noticed that certain colours come out before others tho they were all planted at the same time (yellow, then purple, then red, then pink), weird!
Ive got some lovely dark ones (which I didnt think were going to change colour when they started off green!) in a pot called Queen of The Night which I really love......

My potatoes in bags are ready for their first earthing up, my radishes and lettuce seedlings are doing well in the garden (apart from the ongoing fight with the local cats who think the garden is their sandbox), and Ive got my calendula, marigold and peas underway. My first sowing of sunflowers and sweetpeas didnt do so well, so have sown them again and they are starting to poke through.
Im hoping to make a new cover for my coldfame/tiny greenhouse over the next couple of weeks and hope the seedings will be ready to go out before the end of the month, when I can get my carrots in as well..

So thats about it for this week, how do I keep up with the excitement!
 Im off to do some domestics now, hope you have a great week.
T t f n

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Feeling Sorry for Myself

After a week of feeling old, boring and skint and doing what my dear old Dad used to call 'navel gazing' Ive decided not to inflict my sob story on you.
Instead Im posting a wee poem (which I came across when sorting through yet another pile of junk) which made me smile and I hope it gives you a smile too.

As I Mature
Ive learned that you cannot make someone love you
All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in

Ive learned that no matter how much I care
some people are just a*sholes

Ive learned that it takes years to build up trust
but only suspicion, not proof, to destroy it

Ive learned that you can get by on charm for about fifteen minutes
after than you'd better have pots of money or huge boobs

Ive learned that you shouldnt compare yourself to others
they are often more screwed up than you think

Ive learned that you can keep vomiting long after you think you've finished

Ive learned that we are responsible for our actions
unless we are celebrities

Ive learned that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first
the passion fades
and there had better be a lot of laughter or cash to take its place

Ive learned that the people you care about most are taken from you to soon
and all the less important ones just never go away

Pass this along to 5 friends, trust me they'll appreciate it.
Who knows, maybe something good will happen.
If not..........tough!

Thats all folks.
Have a good week