Saturday, 18 August 2012

August Update

Well  the Music Festival has come and gone. Heres what my owl stall finally ended up looking like........

We sold 18 and donated 1 as a prize for a kids joke competition, which means we bought 21 of them home. I was a bit dissapointed, but it could have been worse. I think the rest may be destined to go on Etsy (when we finally get round to opening our shop).  It was quite nerve racking and I dont kow if Id be in a hurry to do it again. Ive spent the last week feeling a bit restless, I think its because Ive been working towards this for the last 4 months and suddenly its over, and I havent got anything else to get on with. I should really start giving some thought to Xmas. Ive got a few ideas, just need to get on with it.

Gardenwise, not much is happening , there are a few more flowers out (borage, calendula, marigolds and gazaneias), but they arent really worth taking pics of as they have pretty much been ravaged by slugs. Ive lifted most of my potatoes as there were hardly any, so I have to rethink if I am gonna bother growing any veg next year. The last couple of years have been a bit of a waste of time veg wise.
We are getting a few nice days here and there, which means when I get home in the evenings I can sit outside with a cupa and have a natter with the Mother In Law......

Ive also joined in on something called the Correspondence Club run by a lady here
The idea is that you write a letter and post it along with a small gift to your swap partner (as chosen by Starcrossed smile) and in return you get a letter and a gift. You do this once a month. You keep your swap partner for a few months so you get to know them and then there is a reshuffle. I love getting letters (and never get enough - hint hint!!!) so thought Id give this a try.
For my first (which is August), Ive been paired up with a lady whose blog I started following after coming across her on Twitter (her blogging about the C club was what prompted me to join - Thanks Suki!).
Her blog is
It was a bit weird writing to someone I didnt have a history with, so I just dived in and started prattling.
 Heres the letter and gift I sent......
I got Suki's reply yesterday and here it is, along with some lovely bits of fabric to be added to my stash. :o)

Its quite neat as I doubt our paths would have crossed otherwise as we dont have that much in common, but thats not a bad thing as its a good way of stepping outside your usual circle of friends and opening yourself up to new thoughts and opinions, which in turn helps you to understand and respect the views and ideas of other people. So, I reckon my involvement in the Correspondence Club will be a good learning experience for me.

So, thats about it for the last couple of weeks. I started the post feeling a bit glum (as I have been feeling for most of the last week), but have ended feeling a bit more positive and upbeat, so Im gonna take that energy and use it to get on with the list of 1001 things I should get done.

I shall leave you with 40 of my babies to make you simle (as you cant see them all in the first pic)........

Hopefully the next post wont be so long in coming!

Till then, take care and smile lots.
Jojo xx