Sunday, 30 September 2012

Last Days of September

Wow, didnt realise how long it had been seen since I last posted, where has the time gone!
Cant believe we are into October tomorrow, although the weather has certainly turned and the nights are drawing in. Looks like Winters on its way. ;o(
Ive finally managed to cut the grass for the last time this season, there are still a few flowers trying their hardest to make the best of the cooler days. My one and only sunflower has a couple of new blooms .

Ive had a couple of days off this week, have just been pottering around. I should have spent ,more time doing housework, but then it only needs doing all over again a few days later, so spent my time doing stuff I dont usually get to do during the week (due to being at work).OH and I found a new local secondhand book shop so we did a bit of damage there (but it was super cheap honest!)                                                                                                                                       

  I did the usual boring stuff, likethe  monthly grocery shop  (I try and book my days off around Payday so I can get bits and pieces sorted during the week instead of running around like a headless chicken at the weekend). Our local tesco now has a krispy kreme concession, so of course it would have been rude not to!

On Friday OH was working so I took myself off to one of our local(ish) shopping centre Crystal Peaks. It was a bit of a wasted effort, but I did manange to get a bit of Xmas shopping started at T K Maxx. With a humoungous family (OH is one of 6 kids, plus spouses etc) its never too early to start (especailly when you only get paid monthly).
The weekend has been spent trying to get a bit crafty with a view to building up some stock for  the Steampunk stuff we will be eventually be selling on Etsy. OH is making replica guns, and Ive been trying to think of costume ideas. So far I have customised a pair of lace gloves I have had for yonks.



The idea is to start Victorian and then 'punk' from there.  Ive also done a Fascinator, and am working on a few more. This first one hasnt got the lining on the inside yet, but you can get the idea from the pic           

I also got a bit side-tracked while looking for a tutorial on the interweb about how to make leather flowers and found this....chocolate-flower-necklace-tutorial over at The Sisters Four Blog. So I thought Id give it a crack and see how diffucult they would be.
Petals cut out

Petals sown

All joined together

Finished off with a button   

Much to my surprise, they are as easy as they look, but do look quite effective. The finished one is a bit too big for a fascinator, but I reckon I could make it into a brooch without any problems.                                  

So, thats about it for now, theres not been much happening over the last coupls of weeks. We're just plodding on as per usual.  I hope all is well were you are.  Take Care, thanks for reading and hopefully I will see you back here  next time.                                                                                                                       


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