Sunday, 1 July 2012

My Week Off

The last week has been a busy one, but the best part was that I didnt have to go to work (always a bonus when you dont like your job!).
I only managed to achieve about half the things I wanted to, but things like ironing can wait (and wait and wait - have I mentioned how much I loathe ironing?)
So, heres a quck rundown of what I have managed to get done.

Pottered about doing some houseworky bits and bobs and went to a couple of  local garden centres to have a look round and buy a Birthday pressie for one of my Sisters in Law. Found some nice little Alpine plants and a nice tub to put them in, topped the tub with gravel and this is how it looked when potted up.

Had a bit of a sewing day, a few repairs and then finally got round to making myself a shopper. I made a few of these last year for gifts, but never got round to making one for myself. Ive lined this one with fabric from an old pillowcase and put some cording through the handles to make them a bit stronger.
Another pottering day. OH had a days work, so I cracked on with lots more houseworky stuff and a bit of reading, etc.
We hit Chesterfied Rag and Tag market on the lookout for stuff we could refurb for the Steampunk enterprise (we will get round to setting out Etsy shop up soon, honest). We whizzed round a lot quicker than we normally do as it was pelting down with rain most of the time we were there!
(thats a rather wet OH in the front of the pic).
Usually you cant move in this market as its heaving with people, but it was more than a little bit damp. We decided to try and dry out a little in the local MacDonalds.
(The rain has stopped - but it only stopped for about 10 mins).
Then we had a quick run down to Derby to visit a friend in the Derby Royal. She is having chemotherapy at the moment and seems to get an infection after every treatment. This time its really knocked her back, so we thought we'd drop in and say Hi. Derby is only about 25 miles from Chesterfield, and its not a bad wee run (although it wasnt very plesant in the rain). Hopefully when I get some days off in August we will go down to see her at home in Nottingham.
I went to a friends workplace to have lunch with her (her work is just over the fence from my work). I called in @ Costco to get some of their yummy Chicken and Bacon Bakes and we had a good old catchup. :o)
Then OH and I went Charity Shopping in Broomhill. We round a few bits and pieces we can 'punk up' and loads of books. This is just my reading pile for the next few weeks.

More houseworky stuff, and a bit of pottering in the garden (between rain showers). Put some flowers in the front garden and the borders in the back. Did some weeding and cutting back and potted up some Alpines and houseleeks. The veg patch is still looking rubbish, tho the potatoes, radishes and carrots are finally starting to get going. Flowerwise, things are still looking very poor - my sweetpeas have been really dissapointing this year. :O(
Sempervium (Houseleeks)

Saxifragia (will have lovely tiny pick and white flowers - hopefully)  
We took OH's Mum to the Sheffield Steam and Vintage Rally this morning. It wasnt a bad wee walk round, they had some stalls, classic cars, tractors and motorbikes and lots of steam engines and rollers. I liked the singage on this one - it reads Siddal Daughters and Father.
So, thats been my week off. Weve now got to go and visit one of OH's Sisters (as its her Birthday), then I can come home and think about getting myself organised for work tomorrow.
There was plenty I didnt get done, but I did manage to pack a bit in.
Now roll on my next few days off at the end of August.
Taa Taa For Now.

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  1. Sounds like a great week! I really love that tote - it's gorgeous! And I hate ironing too (except when sewing, funnily enough!)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and pleased to meet you!