Saturday, 21 July 2012

Quick Update

Been a pig of a week.I really must get myself organised and either get myself another job or get serious about going back to NZ ( I think the husbands gonna take a bit more convincing). My current job is baking my head and not good for my stress levels!

Anyway, as  I havent had any takers for the craft bits and bobs I was (trying) to give away, I thought I was stuck with them. Then I picked up a craft mag and found a newish website which is like an Ebay for crafts!   
You can buy and sell your excess supplies of stuff youve made yourself. Its still quite small but I thought Id give it a try.

Making wise, Im now on the last batch of Owls for my stall at The Donfield Music Festival on the 12th of August. I shall be taking (and hopefully selling) of them.

Last week I came across the hear-twrenching story about an 8 month  old girl who died of  SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). Estella Star 
An appeal has been launched in memory of Estella for crafters to make stars which are all going to be put on a wall.  You can see some of the ones that have already been made here........Estellas wall
So I thought I had to make one and sent it off. I had thought about sewing one and stuffing it, but that turned out to be a disaster, so I ended up paperweaving three instead.
My stars for Estellas wall

In the garden,things arent  looking good, due the the crap weather weve been having this Summer. . Ive lost my potatoes to Tomato Rust and there arent many flowers around. This is pretty much it........
My lone sweet pea flower


Wild Poppy (growing as a weed)

Pretty much the only thing which is thriving in the garden at the moment is the slug population!

All in all its been a pretty quiet week. Having put in quite a bit of overtime at work, it feels like Ive not been home much. The house looks like a tip and Ive got WAY behind with the domestics.

So I shall leave you with an image of The Mother-in-Laws girls who were chilling on the bench outside the back door when I got home from work this morning.
Such a hard life!
So, take care and will 'speak' to you again soon.
Jojo xx

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