Sunday, 29 July 2012

I do believe it might be Summer at Last!!!!!

Hello my lovely peeps.
Weve finally had some decent sunshine this week, it looks like this might be our Smmer!
Its been a busy week workwise, and as Ive been clocking up the overtime, Ive not had much time to do much else.
It was payday during the week (I still cant get used to being paid monthly), so The Husband and I went to do a bit of bargin shopping yesterday. I got a few bits and bobs for Xmas pressies (with such a huge family I ususally have to start quite early), and we picked up a really nice Jacket for  him (yup, buying winter clothes when the suns out), but it was 1/2 price @ TK Maxx and when you see stuff you have to get it - if you go back later it will certainly be gone. We took the Mother-in-Law carbooting this morning, but the one we went to only had about 8 cars turn up, so we decided to go to the one @ Hillsborough my friend always raves about. It wasnt there, but there was some kind of festival happening so we went for a look. Mother-in-Law bought some plants, so it wasnt a wasted morning.
This afternoon Ive been in the garden.  Ive finally had some sweetpeas flowers to pick

Ok there arent many, but apparently the more you cut, the more you get, so its a start.
Ive also potted on some Marigolds Ive grown from seed. There are 4 different varieties in the tub below, but as you can see one varitey hasnt done as well as the rest.They will be a nice mix of yellows, oranges and reds when they flower (hopefully the slugs wont get them first).

The other plant doing quite well is my Borage (sometimes known as Starflower).

These plants are seedlings from a plant I had in this spot two years ago. Last year I pulled them up as they came up, but this year I decided to leave them as they make good ground cover to help keep the weeds down and the cats off..

The husband has been doing a bit outside also.

Hes cut down our old black bin (the one the councils give you for rubbish collections). A couple of months ago the binmen ripped the wheels off it, so the council gave us a new one. They didnt want the old one back, so The Husband has sawn the bottom off (where the wheels were) and we have turned it into a compost bin! Clever bit of repurposing dont you think?
Craftwise, I have just got a wee bit of sewing up on the last few owls and they are done! Ive been working on them since February, so am more than a bit 'owled out'. Ive got some Xmas pressie ideas which I want to make a start on soon, but may need to keep these under wraps in case one of my Sister in Laws reads this! Might have to find out and get back to you. ;o)

We sat and watched the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on Friday night. We werent going to, but then there wasnt much else on. Im glad we did, as on the whole it was brilliant. A couple of bits were a bit iffy, but there were some real gems in amongst it all.

So, all in all its been a quiet, but industrious week. 
Until next time, take care.

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