Saturday, 7 July 2012

Craft Giveaway

The idea for me having a bit of a giveaway was inspired by Suki over at the owl club who I discovered this week. She blogged about wanting to try new crafts, one of these being Silk Painting. I had a few silk paints which I hadnt used for quite a while (and wasnt likely to use again), so asked her if she would like them. Suki has covered the cost of the postage and they will be on their way to her shortly.

As Im on a clearout mission at the moment, this gave me the idea to have a bit of a giveaway, starting with some bits I could gather together quite quickly. Depending on how this goes there may be more at a later date, and I have loads more to sort through.
Any of these can be yours for the cost of the postage, and if you want to make or send me a little something in return, then that would be wonderful.

Coloured pieces of Aida (for cross stitch). all 14 count and various colours and sizes, the largest price is approx 31cm x 56cm

Small bags of relcaimed beads, ranging from seed beads to transparent sequins to suqares etc. Various colours, al least 100+ beads in each bag. I have loads of these so you can pick and mix to your hearts content.

Calendar Cats Cross stitch kit, complete.

Christmas cards, three fold  with aperatures. 4 of each with white envelopes, (its never too early to get a head start!)

Relief paste for glass painting. Te creame used for outlining, in copper, silver and imitation lead.

A piece of soft hessian type fabric with a silver thread running through it. The piece is approx 40cm x 70xm. It is a creamy colour with quite an open weave (unfortunatley the pic doesnt do it justice).

24 pieces of scrapbook paper (30cm x 30xm ) 2 of each design ranging in weight from 80-200 gsm.

Assorted sizes and colour of plastic canvas (great for xstitch). 3 full pieces A4 size (two red and one clear) and 1 full piece with larger holes (27cm x 34cm), and various other sizes.

3 lovely pieces of Organza, each approx 42cm x 32cm. Great for gift bags.

Patterned scissors (for papercraft as they wont cut fabric), two handles and 6 setf of interchangable blades.

A lovely Christmas stamp (I have used this quite a bit). Design is approx 8cm x 11cm and looks great stamped in black and them coloured in.

Small silver stars with pretty diamante star on the top and a dot of double sided tape on the back. 2 bags - 20 stars in each bag.

So, there you have it. If you want any of these items, you can either leave a comment or contact me by email and we can discuss postage costs etc.

Happy Shopping.


  1. Ooo It all gets my fingers twitching.. i NEEEED to craft!

  2. Offering some lovely things there! I have shared on twitter for you :)