Friday, 13 July 2012

Sundays Trip to Mablethorpe

When my husband was growing up,his family had lots of day trips and Summer holidays in Mablethorpe. His Mother felt that this would be a fitting place to scatter his Dad's ashes, so we all went to Mablethorpe on Fathers Day last year. We had a picnic and a day on the beach, and paid tribute to my lovely Father In Law.
It was decided that we would return every year on Fathers Day to pay our respects and have a kind of memorial day.
This year, (due to reasons I wont go in to), the date that was chosen was July 8th. I was not happy, but sometimes its easier to keep quiet, so sucked it up! Needless to say, we werent looking forward to going.
So, the Husband and I decided that we would take charge of our day and not let others dictate what we were going to do and when.
We got to Mablethorpe just after midday ( we left Sheffield just after 9.30), and went off to get a cuppa and a bite to eat. We had a yummy All Day Breakfast from a nice beachfront cafe.
The weather wasnt brilliant, but the rain held off for most of the afternoon. We had a look through the shops and wandered up the beach to find the rest of the family, who, had by the arrived.
We pretty much had the beach to ourselves, as you can see by the pic below! really hard to believe this was Mablethorpe on a Sunday in the 'middle' of Summer,

We had a paddle, during which I got pretty soaked (but had bought a change of clothes), then sat round for a few hours.......
Our 'campsite' 

watching family members play footie, cricket and fly kites
Nephew and his youngest son, kite flying

About 7.30, husband and I went back to the town to have a meal before we set off back home and were surprised at how little was still open. We found a place called 'Sams Diner' , looked great, but very disappointing. Be warned!!!!

Husbands meal, promised much,deeply disapointing.  
 Then it was time to head for home. We got back just before 11pm, thoroughly knackeres, but havgin enjoyed a day that we thought we werent going to.
Next year we will be going on Fathers Day even if the rest of the family arent.

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