Sunday, 24 February 2013

Still got a long way to go

This morning I was contemplating putting my washing out, but then the sun went in (surprise surprise) and I cant believe how much the temperature has dropped! Its been trying to snow all afternnon, so I guess Spring is still some way off!
Its been another mixed bag this week . Work is going well, Im starting to get the hang of things and getting to know the ladies I work with. Im still not sure about one or two of them, but I guess Im gonna get that wherever I work.
 There have been a few financial hiccups tho, the DWP still havent released my final JSA payment (its only been 3 weeks!!!) or my P45 so Im paying emergency tax (boo). Ive been trying to get through to the DWP all week, but get so fed up of being held in their queueing system that I give up after about 20 mins - this has happened 4 time so far. No wonder they get shouted at so much! Weve sat down and crunched the numbers and had to rebudget as Im now getting paid weekly and its a pretty grim picture. We desperatley need OH to get some work (tho his brother is currently not working himself so theres not much chance of anything in the near future) or we really need him to get the Etsy shop going. He is working really hard getting his stock built up, but as hes making stuff on a budget sourcing materials can be a bit hit and miss. So the tough times are with us for a while yet. :o(

On the gardening front, I can almost see the Spring bulbs growing each day and it never fails to make me smile....
Daffodils in the front garden

Snowdrops (and tulips) in the front garden (ignore the weeds)

And Ive also noticed a poor broccoli plant that I put in last year (that got hammered by slugs) has produced a wee floret :o) Not enough for a meal tho!
Broccoli (almost)
Im itching to get going on the veg garden, but its still a bit too cold yet. Im tempted to get some seed potatoes to start chitting them but the budget might not stretch to any compost for my containers (and mine isnt ready yet). Im pondering wether to ask the Mother in Law if I can have some of hers (shes been making it for years but hasnt used much over the last couple due to mobility problems), but not sure if this will offend her or not. Hmm, not an easy call that one. 

 Elsewhere, on the craft front, I have some orders for Owls from some ladies at work and have been working on another card. Ive finished off the Mother in Laws for her Birthday next week (but still have to think of a gift for her).
Mother in Laws Birthday Card
Also, the wonderful Jen of Make Do And Mend Year Fame posted the second part of my guest post on her fabulous blog, so that was quite exciting!
So, thats really about it for happening this weekapart from the usual working, cooking, cleaning and vegging out in front of the telly of an evening . It has been a week of online comment chats with lovely people on Twitter, Facebook and Pick & Mix and great to catch up with some peeps I havent chatted to in ages. I still, however, have some emails to write and then start thinking about putting some food on the table this evening.
I hope a great week is in store for us all, and thank you for reading. Btw, I think I might have solved the problem that some of you had when trying to comment, you could always try and see if it works now!
Have a good one,


  1. I know, I know, just when Spring seemed within our grasp...!

    That birthday card is really lovely, bet your m-in-law will be delighted with it.

    Also enjoyed your guest posts!

    1. Aww thanks Suki, its nice to know there are people out there reading. :o)