Sunday, 17 February 2013

Its Blog O'clock

Well I guess its time for another update.
Tbh the last couple of weeks havent been very exciting. Ive been trying to settle in to my new job (going quite well I think) and get back into a routine. With the recent snow I have discovered if I do have to walk to work, it takes me just under an hour (its about 3k), so thats quite do-able. Im also now being paid weekly so am having to juggle the budgeting around a bit, which is taking a bit of getting used to!
So, Ive not really been doing much, rather than going through the motions.
Craftwise, Ive been x'stitching, working on some Birthday cards.....

 Gardenwise, Im loving seeing my bulbs coming through, and cant wait to get going on my veg garden. The veg patch was on loan to my Mother in Law for a good few years and she was growing beans on it. However, its kinda sat idle for the last couple of years, so she has decided I can have it back. Its got three compost bins and a wooden coldframe (which is rotting) so I can only use just under half of it, but its a start. Ive marked it out and reckon Ive got about 1m x 2m to play in. So thats lettuce, radishes and possibly carrots, with peas in the flower border and potatoes in tubs. Not much, but will keep us in salad leaves for a good part of the Summer. :o)
Ive also had my first Blue Dwarf Iris come out this week, and so far (touch wood) the slugs havent found it!

The only other thing worth mentioning this week is that I have finally taken the Halogen Oven out of the box and decided to give it a go. It was purchased last June by the Mother in Law as a replacement for a small oven she had which broke. However, she decided it was too much for her (new technology to master etc), so we bought it off her, and its sat in the box ever since. Ive read some great things about them and as they are a great electricity saver, decided it was high time to give it a go. Being the adventurous, rock n roll, live by the seat of my pants type of gal I am, my first experiment was to make chips! Oven chips in 15 mins with only a splash of oil - and they werent bad at all.

So, the quest is on for more recipies etc, who knows I might even start (gasp) baking in it!

Well, thats about it for the mo, Ive hung some washing outside for the first time this year (its been great to see the sun this weekend), so Id best go and get it in. You cant beat the smell of line dried towels I reckon.
Hope all is well with you and yours.
Take Care.


  1. Love that flower so prett. Bday cards are looking good too! Hope all your veg grows well for you this year. When it's warmer we'll sort our garden out, in stuck with drying indoors for now!x

  2. Your cross-stitch work looks so pretty! Thanks for the lovely comment on my waterlily blanket!
    Maria x