Sunday, 3 February 2013

Rollercoaster Week

Wow, what a week its been! Im not sure even where to start.

Monday - found out that the job I had an interview for last week (and really, really wanted) had been given to a friend of someone who worked for the company - I was gutted and more than a little upset. I started freaking about not being able to pay Januarys bills.

Tuesday - got a possible lead on a temp role and spent another day waiting for the phone to ring (the agency had to confirm some details with the company).

Wednsday - Agency confirmed that company wanted me for a trial day on Friday and managed to find funds to cover months bills, things starting to look up.

Thursday - spent the day sewing. Got the quilt pieces put together, now waiting for some supplies before I can get the next phase done.

Friday - days trial @ Single Point of Access (an NHS service dealing with referrals from Doctors and Hospitals). All went well and I am going to be temping with them until November, and then we shall see what happens.Yay - I have a job!!!!!!
Also on Friday, my first ever guest blog (part 1) appeared over on the lovely Jen's blog my make do and mend year . Jen and her family are not buying anything new for a whole year (apart from food that is). They are 5 months in and are doing a brilliant job of making gifts etc, and finding some great bargins in Charity shops. etc.  Shes a real inspiration.

Saturday - spent the afternoon shopping for a new kettle with the Mother in Law, and the rest of the day trying to get myself organised for going back to work. :o)

Sunday - its 2 years since my lovely Father-in-Law passed away, so today is a bit emotional. Still really miss him.
Also, today is the Pagan Sabbat of Imblog (Chrisitan Feats of St Bridgid), its all about celebrating the first signs of Spring.  Im really enjoying seeing the first snowdrops in my garden and the other bulbs (Tulips, Iris', Narcissi, Bluebells, Crocus',and Hyacinths) poking through and am thinking about what veg Im going to plant this year.

Things are on the whole feeling more positive (having a wage coming in is such a relief), and its certainly not as cold outside (tho that wind has a bit of a bite).

Onwards and upwards I reckon!



  1. What a week! So pleased you have found a job!! :) x

  2. What a week, indeed! My husband was temping for a while and it led him to his current good job, so not only many congratulations on landing the job in the first place but also I'm sure it will lead to good things in the future too!

    And I just can't stop looking at those quilts - they are truly stunning. Real heirloom treasures.

    I'm sorry to hear about your Father-in-law - grief never really goes away and anniversaries are especially hard. Hugs.