Sunday, 27 January 2013

Wow, its nearly the end of January already!

It seems like only a minute ago it was Christmas! Such a lot has happened since I last blogged that its hard to believe it was only 10 days ago.
Ive had two job interviews, the first was a group interview (which I hadnt done before), which I didnt like much at all and needless to say I wasnt invited back for a second one. Then on Thursday I had another - luckily the lady from the employment agency told me a bit about the lady who was interviewing me, so I was able to use that to my advantage. The interview went really well and I should find out tomorrow if I am being invited back for a second interview with the Head honcho (fingers etc crossed as this sounds like my kinda job!).

 Weve also has a bit of snow!
This was the depth on the garden

One of the Mother in Laws bird tables

Mother in Laws garden

In the middle of all the snow, we had some visitors.
A good friend of my sisters and her son (who live in New Zealand) are doing a bit of a world tour.
 The week before they had been in Costa Rica (thats where James was born) in the lovely warm sunshine.
They flew into London and came up to us for the weekend and this is what they found....

James and Phil (my OH) building snow creatures

The snowman and snow dog with a fresh coating on Friday morning. 

 While they were here I took them out to Chatsworth for a drive. James wanted to go sledging, but all we had was a sheet of plastic which didnt work very well.....
James getting instructions from his Mum

Edensor (Chatsworth)

We saw them off on the next leg of their journey (up to Inverness) at the train station on a very snowy Monday - luckily we were able to drive, otherwise it could have been a very long walk! They are now in the Orkney islands until mid-Feb (they have family up there), then they will be off to China.
It was lovely to meet James and see Jud (last time she stayed with us was about 13 or so years ago), but they did find our house very cold.

I have also finished the blocks for my quilts! Now I just need to get them laid out and put together (tho I only have enough batting for one so the other will have to wait until Im working again). Ive had so much fun making these, I shall almost certain be doing more quilting in the future, I really hope my nieces like them. :O)
 Here are the final blocks.......
Ohio Star

Double Star

Drunkards Path

Cleopatras Puzzle

Friendship Circle

Circle of geese
Well, thats it for now, weve had a lot of rain overnight, so things are thawing out quite nicely, I can see my lawn again and the bulbs which are starting to poke through, so hopefully theres some nicer weather on its way.
All things being well I will have some good news on the job front soon (and we will be able to catch up on some of the bills etc).
Hope the year has started well for you.
Bye bye for now.

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  1. Good luck! Do keep us informed with how you get on x I'm enjoying watching your quilting journey.