Wednesday, 16 January 2013

And On It Goes

Life is settling into a bit of a routine now that the 'Silly Season' has gone, and not much has happened since I last blogged, so I wasnt sure if an update was needed or not.

My little job a day list came to a halt when I hit the job I loathe even more than ironing - cleaning the oven! Having said that I did all the other jobs for the week, and its been too cold to have the windows and doors    open while the oven cleaner does its job. I tried the baking soda method, but it didnt get the oven as clean as  I would like, so there, thats my excuse! I will pick it up again as soon as I can summon up the enthusiasm.

We had a bit of snow on Monday, it didnt come to much, but apparently there is more on the way.

View from the spare bedroom
Craftwise, Ive been playing about with some Steampunk ideas. We got some silk flowers to use on fascinators and hats, so Ive been experimenting with changing the stamens........

 Also, Ive been cracking on with the quilt blocks.......

Greek Cross


Dresden Plate

Modern Dresden Plate

 Ive only got another 6 blocks to do of each colour and then the fun starts of putting them together! 

So, as I said, not the most exciting of updates, but things are quiet here at the moment. 

Hopefully next time there will be something a bit more exciting to 'chat' about.




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