Saturday, 5 January 2013

Another Week Over

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag.
Taking down the tree and packing the decorations away for another year always makes me feel a bit glum, the house looks somehow bare and tired and its a reminder that weve now got Winter to get through.
Also, this weeks been a bit weird as I was expecting numerous recruitment agencies to be contacting me about new and exciting jobs, but the phone has remained quiet. OH keeps reminding me that people will have only just got back from their Xmas breaks and that things will pick up next week, but focussing on Xmas was keeping me from freaking out about being jobless and now thats been and gone.........
Having said that, I keep telling myself I dont need to panic about Januarys bills just yet, theres still some 'wiggle' room on the credit cards and plently of time for me to find a job before the end of the month.
Still, I would feel slightly better if my first benefit 'payment' would have come through by now as cash is getting a bit scarce.

Right, enough doom and gloom, there have been some nice things happening this weeks as well!
Weve had some lovely weather (considering its midwinter). I got out for a walk yesterday as I had some errands to run fairly locally (and thought Id try and conserve petrol), so took a quick snap of one of the neighbourhood parks on my way past.......

Also, there are signs that Spring is on its way in the garden, lots of snowdrops, daffodils and even tulips poking through ( the netting is down to stop the neighbourhood cats from using my garden as the local public lav).....

So Im hoping that is the weather stays nice I will be able to get out and clear some of last years dead growth off the garden and top up the compost bin.

On the craft front, I have finally finished the cushion cover I was cross stitching.
Originally it was for a female relative (which is why I chose those colours), but due to unforseen circumstances it wont be for her anymore, so it will probably get sold on etsy once its been made into a cushion.
Ive also done a few more blocks on the patchwork quilts for my nieces, tho I havent had any feedback from my sister yet, (hint hint big sis!!!!!) so Im not sure if these will be met with enthusiasm or be deemed 'oh how lovely' pressies. Anyway here are the next three blocks......

Chunky Chevron

String Block

Broken Spider Web

These last two patterns were very time consuming, but are a fab way to use up scraps!
Im now onto some blocks that involve some hand sewing, great as I can do them in front of the telly at night, but not so great as they take a bit more time as well.

So, thats me for now, I really must get off the computer and go and sort out something for tea.
Hope the New Year is starting off well for you.


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