Sunday, 21 April 2013

Productive Week

Its been a rather busy week.
Ive been on lates (10am-6pm) this week, so I decided to still get up at the same time as I do when Im on the other shifts (7am) and have tried to get a few bits done before I go to work. On the whole its worked quite well, but a couple of days I got side tracked whilst on the interwebs (which Im sure you will agree is very easy to do!).  Im on earlies (7.45am - 3.45pm) this week, so theres no way I will get stuff done before work this week!
Ive done a wee bit of gardening, tidying up the borders, chopping back some old growth on some shrubs and planting out my radishes. The sight of the daffs in my front garden makes me smile whenever I get home at the moment.

 Craftwise, Ive not done much at all, but I have sold the last three Owl cushions I made last year (and have orders for another 4) and have also been asked to make a quilt for a lady at work (eek my first comissioned piece!). I love my garden. :o)

The big happening this week has been finally getting our new boiler installed. Weve had it for 4 years and its been living under the kitchen table for all that time. We couldnt move any further forward with redoing our kitchen until it was installed and as OH wasnt confident enough to do it on his own, things were at a bit of a standstill. OH's brother came up with a wonderful idea for an Xmas pressie for us, a gift of his time, materials and expertiese and offered to fit the boiler for us (with OH acting as his labourer). So we have been waiting for a good time for all concerned. When the old boiler curled up its toes last weekend, it seemed a perfect time, so I am very very pleased to say it has been done this weekend, and we can now move forward with getting the kitchen (and dining room) finished! So we now have a combi boiler (which is much more economical than the old one), have lots of copper pipe (and a water heater) to weigh in for scrap, and have added a bit of value to the house.



After- just needs pipework boxing in now

Then just to finish off the weekend nicely, I have picked up some fabric on freecycle (will collect it tomorrow) and have given away my old sewing machine.

So all in all not a bad week I reckon.
Hope yours has been a good one.

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