Sunday, 7 April 2013

Is It Spring yet?

Ive not felt much like blogging lately, due to a number of reasons, so I guess you are due a bit of an update. Hopefully we have now seen the last of the snow (!) and Spring can now get going. Ive been itching to get seeds sown and potatoes planted and get my veg patch going and have finally been able to make a start this weekend. The potatoes have been planted in bags and Ive sown some radishes and lettuce. I sowed some Alliums, Sweet peas, Sunflowers and Calendula last weekend, so they are now all sitting in the cold-frame just waiting to grow. I also picked up some minature daffodils from our local B&Q, (the plastic pot was broken so they were half price), they cheer up the windowsill beside the back door.

Flower Seeds planted

Lovely new daffies

Im now two months in to my temp job, its a lot more phone work that I would like, but these days thats pretty much they way things are. The finances are taking a bit of juggling, but ater 3 months my hourly rate goes up 50p, so that will make a wee bit of a difference. At the moment we are living hand to mouth, and this wont change even with my pay rise, Im not sure whats gonna happen when the MOT and tax are due on the car in June, but if I start thinking about it I panic, so Im choosing not to!
Craft wise, Ive almost completed the first quilt. I got the quilting part done over Easter (it was quite a job!), so am now handstitching the binding on.
Putting the layers together on the Living room floor

Ive also made a few more owls to order for some of the ladies at work

There has been some crossstitch happening as well.

 Thanks kind of been about it really. Weve not been doing much due to the weather and financial restrictions, hopefully now I can get out in the garden I will start to feel a bit better. Ive also been a bit homesick as well (it surprises me that I can still feel like that after 22 yrs!) but it comes out of nowhere and hits me like a sledgehammer.
Anyway, now that we are starting to see the sun (and its slowly getting warmer) things will start to look up and I will be too busy to feel sorry for myself! Well thats the plan anyway.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Fabulous quilt and I do love your owls, so clever.
    I do hope the weather improves soon, we could all do with some cheering up! :)xx

  2. Hi there, thank you for the lovely comment on my bike card. Yes the brass monekey still runs every June, lol. Would love you to take part in our new challenges over at Creative Craft Cottage if you have the time.

  3. You've been very busy with all this handicraft. I think patchwork is really clever and effective. The owls are very cute too.