Sunday, 28 April 2013

Is it Blog Time already?

Not sure where this week has gone and its almost Monday already. :o(
It feels like I havent done much this week apart from work, Ive been on earlies which make for long days (as I never seem to get to bed before midnight (no matter how hard I try).
Its been wonderful having the heating back and hot water as and when we need it. The new boiler is saving us about £1.50 per day and they will be more once we turn the heating off, so we are very impressed. We have been without a shower tho as the old hose broke, so have had to resort to baths (Im not a fan).  Still, its been replaced now (thanks to a bit of bargin hunting on payday) so its all good.
The garden is looking better by the day as the spring bulbs and other bits and pieces come into flower, tho the Mother in Laws is looking better than mine.
My garden on the left and Mother in Laws on the right
 Ive also got some flowers on one of the lovely little alpines I planted last year......

The flower seedlings still arent doing much (I think I put them in too ealry), but the radishes I planted out last week have almost doubled in size, wont be too long before weve got our first crop I reckon.

The Mother in Law and I went to a Farmers Market and Craft Fair at a local church on Saturday, it was quite small and is held twice a year. We picked up some plants and some lovely cheese (I got the Onion cheese for me and the Horseradish cheese for OH). We timed it well because just as we left the heavens opened and it bucketed down.
This morning was a bit nicer so Mother in Law and I went along to a local garden that was open under the National Garden Scheme. It was amazing to see how much they had cramed into their garden, and we came away with a few plants.
My purchases for the weekend totalled 50p, Mother in Law bought me a lovely tiny primula as a gift for taking her out, and I bought some unusual muscari (the flowers are almost indigo at the bottom and lighten to a kind of tuft at the top).

Another (possible) bargin I found this week was coffee. Usually I buy the 100g jar of Nescafe (approx £2.50) as Im the only one drinking it at the moment, but as we are still on an economy drive, I thought Id try something different, so this week I will be trying out Tesco's Everyday Value....
 Now, the only difference I could see between this and Tesco's Classic blend is the label and the colour of the lid, the jars are identical, the coffee looks the same and, according the the labels on both jars, the strength is even the same. However, Tesco's classis is £1.50 and the Everyday Value is 47p! So, I shall be giving this a try, and, if its OK, then that could be quite a saving, I just hope its not bitter, as that wouldnt be nice at all. Wish me luck.

Craftwise, Ive been making owls (again) for some more ladies at work. Ive also been having a play around with some more quilitng (trying to practice my techniques) with the possibility of making some Xmas pressies for the ladies in the family. 
Possible pot holders
So, thats about it really, and I quess Id better go and check on the casserole. Sometimes I just cant believe what an exciting life I lead (not!).
Hope all is good in your world.
Till next time.

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