Sunday, 6 October 2013


So, here we are at the beginning of October and there is a definite chill in the air. Im really not loving the fact that its now dark in the mornings when I get up for work, and that its getting darker much earlier in the evenings. The leaves have started turning and even tho there are plenty of brambles and rosehips ripe for the pikcing, I cant quite summon up the enthusiasm for it. There are still the odd signs of life in the garden, the carrots are almost ready to be pulled, Ive still got some calendula in flower and the borage is still going strong. Its kinda threatening to take over as all these plants were selfseeded from previous years, still its good for attracting bees, and for keeping the weeds down, so I dont mind.

 Ive also got one sunflower (at long last), I cant believe how pityful the sunflowers and sweetpeas have been this year.

Craftwise Ive not been very busy, am  trying to get myself geared up for the Xmas crafting onslaught, but as yet I have no idea what Im going to do for pressies this year.
With regards to the previous post (about singing) Ive got a couple of names of potential teachers, I just have to be brave enough to make some phone calls :o)

The exciting news (well exciting for me) is that we have finally been able to make a start on the next phase of our home improvements (finally). After being left some money by a late Uncle weve bought the new windows we have been in desperate need of for the last 10 years and the first three went in yesterday.

Luckily with OHs brother being a builder and OH his part time labourer, we dont have to pay much for labour, provided they are supplied with coffee and bacon sarnies they are quite happy. The remaining two windows should be going in over the next couple of days. The windows they are replacing were put in in the early 70's (we found some newspaper that was used as packing), but these were just screwed into the original fames (including the weights for the sash windows), so weve taken out timber thats been in place for 108 years (and not all of it rotten). Theres plenty of pastering etc to keep OH busy, but then we will finally have a nice warm house, which will make a lovely change. Ive been ripping tiles off the bathroom walls today in preparation for the bathroom window, I really love the destruction bit.
So with the boiler having gone in earlier in the year and the new double glazed windows our fuel bills will be lower and the resale value of the house will have been increased. The kitchen roof will be the next step, and then the dormer window in the back roof, but at least things are starting to get going and Im seeing the return to NZ one (small) step closer.

Im still loving my work, Ive got heaps of holidays to use before the end of the year, so havent got more that 3 weeks without a week off between now and Xmas. Not sure when this assignment will end and not sure what will happen then, but theres not much point panicing about it yet, plently of time for that later.

Hope all is well in your world. Thanks for dropping by and having a read.  Dont forget comments are most welcome (they show me that at least one of you is reading!).

Till next time,



  1. Hi Jo! I'm on my computer today so able to leave a comment (sometimes I can't manage to do that on my phone, which is where I do most of my blog reading - have trouble with the captchas for some reason). September sounds a very positive month for you guys and it's lovely to hear you so upbeat. I'm glad your NZ return is becoming a reality. We had some straggly sunflowers in the garden and just one in a pot that really shot up and has been glorious. For xmas gifts my Aunt has requested a cafetiere cosy so I might make a few of those! Happy October :)