Sunday, 20 October 2013

Catch up

Here we are almost at the end of October and weve bitten the bullet and put the heating on (at last). Weve got all the windows in and Phil has finished off the sills and sides, just needs to get the plastering done now.
Here are a few pics......


Bathroom and back bedroom/office
Office and Bathroom


Dining Room

Back - struggling to get the old bathroom window out


So with the new boiler that went in back in April and the new windows the house is beautifully warm (which it has never been while weve been here), I no longer see my breath in front of my face when Im in the dining room. We are prediciting (based on what we are using so far) that our combinged energy usage (Gas and Electricity) will be less than we were paying for Gas alone last year. Sounds like a win to me.

Work has been a bit interesting in the last week. My job will shortly cease to exist, but I will be moving within the department (tho still as a temp). Im a bit nervous about the move and sad to leave the office Im in as I have been really happy there, but will still be spending a few hours a week in with them (but doing my own work). I get on really well with the guy I was teamed with (he's almost become like the younger brother I never had) and we've worked really well together, so will miss our daily banter. In this new role, I will be a  more on my own and have a bit more involvement with patients, but it is more secure (for the moment) and thats what I need.

Craftwise, theres not much going on, Im gathering bits together for Xmas little by little, I have a few ideas but possibly wont reveal them until afterwards (I dont think any of the recipients read this, but you never know).

I had a request from a friend who I used to work with to post more about our surrogate cat.
Kizzy belongs to Phils Mum (who you may remember lives next door), she is getting on a bit and spends most of her time at our house (to get away from the bombhead dog), we reckon if we fed her she'd never go home! She's the most vocal cat I've ever known and we love her to bits.
Here she is......
Ignoring the dog (her default setting)

Checking out our new windowsills

Chilling in the sun

Keeping the soil in the planter warm

Not impressed

Thats all for this time. Thanks for reading.
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Jojo xxx

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  1. aaawwww! The cat looks adorable. Your house is undergoing renovation? It looked so lovely, I hope that the things have become better for you now.