Sunday, 8 September 2013

So thats August over and done with then

Once again, its been an age since Ive blogged, theres been quite a bit going on over the last few weeks, and I havent been in the right headspace to write.
We had an unexpected overnight visit from a fellow Kiwi who was on her way to Scotland, which was really lovely. I hadnt seen her for over 20 years, and it was great to catch up. We took her out into Derbyshire to see some of our local sights including a drive by Chatsworth House, ( but no Mr Darcy in the water, unfortunately), and then on to The Moorlands for a lovely meal.
We also lost a very good friends of OH's this month. He had been in hospital for a few weeks and we saw him gradually going downhill, but its still very upsetting when it happens. He didnt leave any family behind, so things are a bit up in the air with regards to his funeral, so its all a bit messy.
Then, we both got nasty colds (well I got a cold, he got Manflu!), so we have had all that fun as well.

Workwise, Im still really enjoying my current assignment, they are a really lovely bunch of people to work with. There are a few changes Im involved with, which always makes things interesting, and this week Im sort of being left to my own devices as my colleague is having a week off, so its a bit sink or swim. Eek! Some of us went out for a drink after work on Friday which makes a huge change for me as I dont usually want to socialise with people I work with, it was nice. 

Gardenwise, theres not a lot happening, the only veg I have left in the ground are a few carrots, I wasnt impressed with the potato yeild this year, but they do taste delicious. Ive still got loads of weeding to do and hopfully one last cut of the grass before it gets too cold and wet.

Craftwise, I finished my Napkin for the napkin project and got it posted off.......
now Ive got a bit of mending etc to do before I start my next project. Im also making a few more owls, and am contemplating a bit more quilting as well.

So, there have been goings on, but nothing very thrilling to write about. I will leave you tho, with a pic of the lovely orchid I thought Id killed (you may remember it from a previous post), there are now 12 flowers open and another 2 to go, Im quite proud of this.

Till next time.....

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