Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Little About Me

Its been a quiet week this week, things are ticking along quite nicely, so as I dont have much to update you on, I thought Id copy the 'about me' list from the lovely Suki over at the owl club and give you an insight as to whats going on in my little world......

Making – working on my napkin for The napkin project
Cooking – Roast Pork with all the trimmings for our Sunday tea
Drinking – Pukka Licorice and Cinnamon Tea (my new fave)
Reading – Relics by Pip Vaughan-Hughes (historical fiction)
Wanting – a houseful of new windows before the onset of Winter
Watching – Castle, The Walking Dead and Scott & Bailey
Playing – too much Candy Crush and Farmville 2
Wasting – as little as I can
Sewing – (soon) dressee for the dress a girl around the world project
Wishing/ Dreaming – about a move to New Zealand
Enjoying – the new flowers and buds on the orchid which I thought was dead
Waiting – for the Accountants in Holland to get their act together (!)
Liking – my new job and losing weight (16lb so far)
Loving – my OH :o)
Hoping – the NZ move will come to fruition
Needing – some smaller work trousers
Smelling – Germoline and tea tree oil (currently covered in bites)
Wearing – comfy old slobbing about clothes
Following – some really cool blogs
Noticing – that the Autumn is fast approaching
Knowing – that replacing the windows and roof on the house and finishing the kitchen is now within reach
Hoping – that we will be able to find the funds to replace the car
Feeling – that life is quite good at the moment
Bookmarking – not looking at much new stuff, sticking to the sites and blogs I know
Opening – snail mail through The Correspondence Club and Post Circle
Laughing – with my OH (weve not stopped for nearly 23 years!)

So, thats how things are with me at the moment, not half bad I reckon. Im gonna nip out and pull up the first of my potato plants while we still have some sun, but thought Id just leave you with a pic of the lovely orchid I have managed to revive. Im quite proud of this. 

Have a great week, see you again soon,

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  1. I'm so glad you did a list - great little snapshot of your life right now! Very exciting about the NZ move, I know you've long been missing it and it's just so far away! I loved the last one, romantic in the most perfect way ;) Long may you laugh together!