Sunday, 21 July 2013

Wow, another week over already!

Blimey that one went quick!

Apart from a slight wobble on Wednsday, its not been a bad week. Had a couple of days off  (and enoyed some glorious weather) and am ready to sart a new assigment tomorrow.  Shall be on the bus to work from now on, theres a bus from the end of next doors drive that will take me straight to my new work venue  (a Sheffield Hospital) so no parking or parking fees to worry about (its a nightmare parking up there and is very expensive).

Feeling much calmer that I have been for a while, found a wonderful new mantra during the week - Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.         

Found out this morning that friends and family who are caught up in the newest lot of earthquakes in NZ are all ok, and (thank goodness)  no-one seems to have suffered any property damage either. I hope the quakes will settle down for you now. 

As the week ended on a good note, I decided to 'pay it forward' on Friday as I had been inspired by Becksie and Ian over at ayearwithoutsupermarkets .  I really love what they are doing in this post, so I bought a couple of bunches of flowers and took them to one of the local Retirement homes (as per Becksie's point number 15), it made me feel great and the lady who took them from me was nicely surprised. Might have to do some more of these. Thanks Becksie and Ian.

Craftwise, Im doing some bits for Charity, we cant afford to give much, but I have time and some skill I am trying to do my bit that way. So (inspired by another post on Becksie and Ians Blog), Im making a Napkin as part of the Napkin Project. Ive not tried embroidery, so am playing it safe with Cross-stitch (thats a kind of embroidery isnt it?). Here is my work in progress, its on waste canvas which means when its done you can wet the canvas and then pull the threads out so you are just left with the design on the linen (clever huh?)

The other Charity project Im getting things together for is dressagirlaroundtheworld - I have two blog buddies participating in this, the aforementioned Becksie and Ian from ayearwithoutsupermarkets - see their post here 19-dresses and the lovely Jen over at mymakedoandmendyear who are all busy organising Sewing Bees etc to get people involved in making dresses.
Ive decided that make some myself but finding pillowcases is proving a bit harder than I thought it would be! So, as we were out Charity Shopping yesterday (or Op shopping as you Kiwis will call it!) I found some lovely skirts I can quite easily use.....

Gardenwise, we are getting lots of peas and lettuce, and Ive put in a fresh lot of radish in a pot (hopefully the slugs wont get to these).
Thats about all for this little update.

Bye for now.

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  1. Wow you are doing lots of inspiring things! Reminds me I should put some time and skill into something that helps others. Glad your friends and family are safe!