Sunday, 14 July 2013

Well Hello Strangers!

This post has been a bit long in coming (soz), but Ive found it a bit of a struggle to get going again. It felt like my weekly posts just seemed to be covering the same old ground, and I felt it was a bit boring.

Ive had a couple of rubbish months really, nothing specific (as in tragic event or suchlike) just generally feeling a bit pi**ed off with the world in general, and didnt want to blather on boring people senseless (goodness knows Ive only got a few readers anyway).Anyhoo, Im back (hopefully), so thought Id bring you up to date with whats happening in my little corner of the world.

Work on the kitchen/house has come to a bit of a standstill. We are awaiting some money from an inheritance which will go towards a new roof and windows. We have decided we want to take the ceiling out of the kitchen and open up the roofspace and are awaiting a quote from OH's bother (the builder) to see if its something we can realistically acheive or not.
Ive done some digging into NZ Immigration and have found that getting a Visa for OH (when we do go) will be a bit more straight forward than first thought (expensive, but straightforward).

Gardenwise, Ive got the veggie garden looking quite good, this was it at the end of May.... the white structure is to stop the carrotfly ruining my carrot crop.

Im getting regular crops of peas and lettuce now, Ive got plenty of carrots comming up and the potato plants are huge. The only disappointment was my radish crop was completely ruined by slugs.

While the Mother in Law was away for a week on her hols, I dug over her front garden (which has needed doing for years, she is no longer able to do it), and planted it up as a surprise for her. This is what it looked like when it was first done......

 This is it now.....

Also, this is her pussycat plant which we often find at her back door.....

 Craftwise, things have been a bit quite on this front. I have almost got a quilt top put togther for me, its just awaiting the border, and is made of 240x  'half square triangles'. I quite enjoyed this one as it was quite straight forward........
 We missed our annual trip to Mablethorpe with the rest of the family as our car decided to start playing up 25 miles out of Sheffield, so we had to turn back. It hadnt been on a run since November, and wasnt happy. It had passed its MOT the week before, and is OK for my short journey to work and back, but OH's other brother (the mechanic) has condemmed it, it wont get through another MOT without major work, so we will have to find another one before next June - yet another thing to pay out for.

So, its been a couple of months of ups and downs really, but things have got to start going our way soon, meantime we keep ploddin on, and on, and on.....
Hope things have been better for you.

Till next time

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