Sunday, 10 June 2012

What Ive Been Up To

Wow, is it really 6 weeks since I blogged!
I thought I hadnt really been doing much (apart from work), but when was looking for some pics to go on here I found I havent been as idle as I  thought.

Craftwise, the majority of my time is still being spent on building up the stock of owls for the Music Festival in August. This would go a lot faster if I didnt keep selling them! :O)
Ive now got 24 completed and another 5 under way, no two are the same. Am aiming for 40, but may keep going and see just how many I can get done.
 I think there are about 19 or so in the pic below.......
Ive also completed (and sent)  two knitted blankets for Battersea Dogs Home as part of their appeal.

Also, I found an interesting link on Twitter a few weeks ago for making paper flowers using the Japanese art of Kusudama. Turns out it was really easy, I made a flower ball for my office at  work....

and some flowers for my sister in law

I have got a few ideas lined up for when my life isnt dominated by making owls! OH is trying his hand a Steampunk bits and Im gonna have a dabble also. And I am gathering ideas for Xmas as well - we have a huge family and cant afford to spend much so I tend to craft most of the pressies (so usually have to start as early as I can!).

In the Garden,  things are moving quite slowly. Ive had a few radishes so far, but as its been wet and not too warm, things are only now just starting to get going (apart from my sweetpeas and carrots which arent doing well at all).
My potatoes are finally starting to look like they are doing something

and my lettuce are doing well also

Flowerwise, Im a bit puzzled with my giant poppies this year. I have had these two plants for years and they have always had the same colour and size flowers. This year Ive got pale larger flowers on one and smaller, darker flowers on the other!

The only thing I can think of is that the wall at the side of the darker ones was put in the year before last when our neighbours dug their garden out (and left a whacking great hole the length of my garden which was 5 foot deep at the front and 8 foot deep at the back)! They left this for a year before putting the wall up so Im wondering if this has had some kind of effect on the soil.

We havent had much of a Summer so far , apart from a weeks or so of decent weather in May. The Mother in Law went away for a week with one of her Grandsons and his family and, as we live next door, we got the joyful (!) job of looking after her animals. Luckily we could leave her back door open as well as ours (we share a back yard) so the 'girls' could pretty much chill out where they wanted.

I even did the decent thing and took the bombhead dog out for a trundle through the local woods

Ive also managed to find myself a few bargins over the last few weeks.
A friend at work told me about so I decided to give it a go. None of the clothes would fit me (as I have curves) but OMG the shoes!!!!!!!! I decided to try a few pairs

and I doubt I will buy shoes anywhere else ever again! I couldnt believe the quality, all of these have got leather insoles and are beautifully made and finished, and comfy. Im usually a 4 1/2, but these are all 5s and fit beautifully. I loathe having to spend money on shoes for work and up until now have usually made do with Primark £6 ones which only last a season or so. These are MUCH better quality and will last longer. Can you tell Im impressed! Admittedly you pay P&P by weight. paid £32 for 6 pair, but have sent a pr back (no fuss returns and they also refund postage by weight). So its certainly worth a look. :O)

Ive also topped up my book collection courtesy of .

 Ive always dabbled in making a few sweets for family birthdays and Xmas etc, but have usually stuck to the same ones. I also make a few homemade beauty products as Im am very into growing and using my own herbs, (Ihave a Diploma in Herbal Medicine). I like the idea of foraging but so far have only been brave enough to pick Wild Garlic and Rosehips, so Im hoping Alys Fowlers book will help me be a bit more adventurous.

Other bargins have included some lovely small  glass bottles from T K Maxx which I will use for herb oils of vinegars,

and an unusual bowl from a junk shop which OH doesnt like but I think its quite funky and it will look fab as a fruit bowl on my Welsh dresser.

So, there we have it, a quick update about whats been happening over the last few weeks.
It may not be the most exciting blog, but its mine!

Till next time.

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  1. Oh those owl cushions are so lovely! They are really cute - I love the feet, and all the different fabrics you use. I especially like seeing them all together: a proper parliament of owls!