Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Owl Project

In January I found a Craft Swap run by Popular Craft Magazine.  The idea is that you send your details to Popular Crafts and they pair you with someone similar. You craft something for your swap partner and they craft something for you. The Theme for the month was 'Owls'.I found a fab pattern on the internet and my owl turned out like this.......

I took 'her' to work before sending her off  (as I wanted to see if 'she' was good enough) and 6 ladies decided they wanted one, before I knew it I had sold 12 of them (with another two on order), so Ive been busy getting a production line running!. Here are the last batch.......
My Brother-in-Law runs a Family Music Festival in the Summer and has several people with stalls selling a variety of bits and peices and thinks they would sell well. So I may have to give it some serious thought. Its a real nice feeling having people wanting to buy something Ive made. :O)

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  1. Have you thought about opening an Etsy shop? I bet these would sell like hotcakes! :)