Saturday, 10 March 2012

A few projects from 2011.

 I made lots of things last year, but only took photos of a few. I was without a sewing machine for a few months, but managed to get hold of an old one for £10. This, combined with Kirstie Allsopp's ongoing TV craft series gave me the motivation to get cracking.
 The biggest project was to make all the Xmas pressies for my Sisters in Law (there are 6 of them).I had the time and the fabrics and as were are on an economy drive, it made sense. They got, patchwork-shoppers, pincushions, fabric mice, lavender bags,rasbperry vodka liquer and marshmallow fudge, all wrapped in hessian gift bags, tied with Xmas ribbon and homemade gift tags.
 As I was so busy trying to get these done, the only pics I took were of the doorstops. These were adapted from a pattern I found online, made with fabric scraps (which I got on ebay) and filled with beans. 

I also made some cross stitch cushions adapted from a pattern in a Celtic Needlecraft book which I have had for years. These go nicely on our green sofa, they are quite small (about 8" square) but I think they have turned out really well.
 Ive started a black, white and grey Celtic pattern cushion for a Sister in Laws birthday pressie and about halfway through ( hopefully will post a pic when its finished).
I also did a wee bit of knitting for charity, I read an article in a magazine about a lady who started knitting small teddybears and giving them to poor or homeless children who dont have any toys. I felt so moved by the article I thought I had to get involved. Her website - is well worth a quick look.
I made lots of cards as well, but no pics.

Ive decided one thing I really must get to grips with in 2012 is to take more photos of the projects I complete. Watch this space..............
Jo xx 


  1. The only tip Is the one you've already mentioned - more pics! As a blogger you'll start to find yourself taking photos of the strangest things for your blog! Lots of pics definitely make a blog post more appealing :)

  2. Hi! Welcome to the blogosphere :) Like you, I kick-started my crafting with handmade xmas presents for everyone. You can see mine at Christmas crafting bonanza.

    My advice would be to be yourself. Blog about what you love and what you think and those that love and think similar things will gravitate towards you :)