Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Whats in store for 2013 (hopefully)

Well, now that the 'big day' has come and gone (and before we head next door for a 2nd Xmas dinner with those who couldnt make it yesterday) my thoughts have been turning to 2013 and what I hope to acheive.
I gave up making New Years resolutions a while ago (I never kept them and felt like a bit of a failure when they fell by the wayside), so now I have a list of Ambitions and Aspirations instead. This way they are things to work towards at my own pace and I dont put myself under so much pressure.
Anyway here are a few things I am aiming for in 2013.

A new job.
Im aiming for a new job where I will be happy and be paid what I am worth. My job will pay enough for us to live off from day to day as well as have a wee bit left over at the end of each month. Ideally my new job will be close to home (within easy walking distance) and will be something which helps make a positive difference to other peoples lives. Im gonna love this new job and will be happy to go to work on a Monday morning, I will get on well with my colleagues and I will be able to do this job well, but wont be bored and will enjoy the challenges it brings.

Getting debts paid off.
We are heading in the right direction with this. We dont have many debts and hopefully the temporary employment blip wont impact too much on this. The aim is to get one of the cards paid off (we are nearly there) and then make some inroads into the next one.

Blanket Stitch and Buttonholes
There are two things that will help my crafting, so I am aiming to learn both to a level of competance in 2013.
As you may know I got a new sewing machine for my Birthday, so Im hoping I can get some neat things made and (hopefully) sold on Etsy - we are hoping to get the Esty shop(s) up and running (OH will be selling this Steampunk inventions, etc, and I will have some Steampunk costumery as well as other handcrated bits).

Clearing out the clutter (btw this isnt a pic of our house)
 I am trying to reduce, reuse, recycle more. Im also trying to live by the rule 'If its not functional or beautiful get rid of it', tho this isnt easy as OH likes to 'aquire' stuff. So Im trying to clear out as much as I can and reoganise the rest. Im trying to buy less and use what I already have, taking inspiration from some lovely people out there in the internetland namely Jen (as seen here on her blog my make do and mend year

Trying to tread more lightly on the earth.
This is a big part of the Pagan ethos that I believe in. My approach to this takes lots of different forms and Id like to include them more deeply in our day to day living in 2013.
Reducing waste - by spending more wisely (as per above), making the most out of what we already have, shopping for food when its in season -  eat the seasons - using my slowcooker more (to make use of cheaper cuts of meat and seasonal veg), and  trying out recipies from my numerous (unused) cookbooks.
Being more ethical in my spending - looking for items which are value for money, use less packaging (and biodegradable or recyclable packaging), and using my own bags instead of plastic, making presents where I can instead of buying mass produced stuff and shopping locally where I can to help our local economy (as inspired by Team Pugh on  their blog - a year without supermarkets ).
Being more charitable - giving more to charity (instead of dumping where possible), trying to help in any way I can (we cant give financially but I can make - as per my previous poists about the Angel Bears and Dog Blankets - Im interding to make some dresses this year as per - little dresses for africa ).

So there you have my hopes and aspirations for the comming year. Id love to hear what yours are. Why not drop me a comment?

Have a Happy and Safe festive Season and I hope 2013 brings you all you dream of.

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  1. Great resolutions Jo. Good luck with the job hunt, and I look forwards to seeing your Etsy shops up and selling :)