Sunday, 18 November 2012



Yup, Im blogging on my Birthday - but I thought it was time for an update.

New job is going well, tho as its the run up to Xmas theyve had me just focussing on maintaining the Amazon and Ebay stores, and packing the small stuff to send out, and sending lists through to the warehouses for larger stuff.

For a taster of the kind of stuff we do check this out.......ICI Direct

We import the wooden goods and sell to stores ranging from Waitrose,John Lewis, M & S etc,  lots of Garden Centres and at the bottom end of the scale, Wilkinsons.

They also help people who have come up with ideas to navigate their way through patents and copyright law, to getting the goods produced and marketing them.

Anyway, its lovely walking to work and Im saving a packet on petrol and lunches and my blood pressure has already dropped 6 points!

As my head has been full of getting to grips with my new job, Ive not been up to a lot else. I have decided I really need to get cracking with my Xmas pressies tho.
Im making up a batch of this for my Sisters in Law....lemon-sugar-hand-scrub- and am quite hoping to have a bit left over for me. Im busy trawling the interweb for other bits and peices to make.

I have made another farbic basket for a friends daughter. She grew out of a dress she loved, so her Mum gave me the dress as she thought the fabric was nice. So I decided Lana should have a basket to remind her of her dress......
I think its come out quite well.

And now that I have me lovely new shiney Birthday Pressie from the bestest Hubsand in the world, I can do some real serious stuff. ........

Im very excited as Ive never had a NEW sewing machine before. I reckon a few lessons could be on the Xmas list. Ive done a fair bit of sewing but its mainly been simple stuff and hasnt mattered if it looked homemade, so a chance to gain a bit more confidence and lean some new techniques could be a good thing.

Well, thats it for now I guess, and the Casserole (yup its Slow Cooker Sunday!) needs looking at.

Thanks for dropping by and having a read. I will try not to leave it too long before I post again.


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  1. Happy Birthday! Lucky you geting a new sewing machine, hope you have had a good day :)